Here we are going to tell you the difference between the day boarding schools and residential schools in India. If we verbalize an education in India then let us tell you that India is one of the biggest education hubs. Schools are a good combination of western culture education curriculum and advanced technologies. Nowadays, International Boarding Schools are having smart classes and advance laboratories. But these days, Schools are introducing different concepts like day boarding, day scholar, and full boarding schools. Now we are going to scrutinize the difference between the day boarding and full boarding schools then there are a number of points to be mentioned here. First of all, day boarding students come back to their home daily but full boarding students live in the school hostel. Here we have some discussion about the day boarding schools. Day Boarding Schools: India is having plenty of day boarding schools. There are a number of families where both parents are working and have no time to look after their children. So that’s why they can choose day boarding schools. For day boarders, the school timings is around 6 pm. Children stay at school till 6 pm and then go back to their homes when their parents are also coming back home from their offices. Children stay at home at the night only. Due to which parents live palliated, soothing, and burden-free. All over parents easily their professional life and children can also get a chance to live academic life in the school as well. Residential or Full Boarding Schools: Now we are going to talk about residential schools. This option is very opulent and luxurious for those parents who are richer and who don’t have time to focus on their kids at anyhow. Apart from this, some parents are very much concerned about the future of their child. Somewhere this is also a reason behind choosing residential schools. Residential schools give permission to parents to meet their ward on weekends or other holidays only. They aren’t able to meet their kids on a daily basis. Apart from this, if we compare both day boarding and full boarding schools then an engender a good solution for working parents. Day boarding students also reach their homes when their parents come back from their jobs. They can only meet in the night time. So that parents get full time for themselves and for their jobs too. Similarly, in full boarding school, parents get easy to maintain their personal and professional life together without any hurdles. Paying Equal attention to every child is a concept that may work in both conditions. Teachers easily concentrate and focus on every child in the day boarding concept. While teachers are staying with the students who are living in hostels. Teachers stay with them and teach them by giving extra classes and tuitions. All over it may work in both conditions. Apart from this, students learn independence in Life and their school timings are also different from each other. Day Boarders reach home till 6 pm and full boarders stay in school hostel only.