Volvo, the former cube, now looks a lot more contemporary, far more outstanding and will give you back much more for your money. The very new Volvo S80 is the perfect option for businessmen who don’t wish to attract lots of attention with their car as it is often happening with the competition. With this particular vehicle you will get the desired privacy. If you choose to buy this vehicle, you will receive a classically refined and solid Swedish sedan with full equipment and highly effective mechanics. The first generation of this model had been introduced in 98 being a successor of the version S90.
The Swedish security has remained on it is level. The cabin is stiffened with multiple supports on all sides and with just about all possible systems of energetic and passive safety, providing you with the feeling that you are traveling in a tank. To this contribute even 2 solutions of security. System for the safety of the cervical backbone (WHIPS) and air curtain (IC). These systems are made to minimize injuries in back and side impacts. Very respectable considering that the security of each car is essential. From the interior the dashboard prevails. At first glance it could seem there are a lot of “keys”, but in practice it’s quite different. It is easy to get used to the current style of the middle system and is simple to manage it. For the most demanding there are excellent “chairs” which have room for the biggest ones. Seat adaptation is electronic, and for the issue of perspiring will take good care ventilation that is incorporated in the seats (heated and ventilated chairs). They are very comfortable in long distances.The trunk seat can also be spacious and you’ll not have troubles to put higher passengers around the rear on longer distances. Under the extensive bonnet is a filigree faceted 5-cylinder common-rail diesel-powered engine capacity of 2401 cc develops 185 hp at 4000 rev / min. Stylish personality of the car provides 400 Nm of torque available from 2000 rev / min. You’ll be thankful for such a moment when you push the gas pedal. Given the weight of 4000 pounds (lbs), the Speed is very commendable. Volvo speeds of up to 40 miles / h in only 8.9 seconds, and hands will not stop to 136 miles / h. Although not created for Rampage, we also tried out these characteristics therefore we can tell that it has a tendency to oversteer. But that is not so simple to happen with regard to all electronics and 4×4 drive that actually works continuously. We can not criticize about the automated transmission because it performed an excellent work, regardless of the driving mode.
Volvo S80 behaves in all sections as well as at home. Even though we thought that we will be “tired” from driving in a limousine at city jams and roads, now it wasn’t that case. Regardless of the surface, a person always has the sensation as sliding on the road … greatest enjoyment. When you turn up on the road, even the path of 400 miles will not tire you. Automatic transmission, cruise handle, automatic spacing and Driver Alert System (warning of a collision with Braking system Support) significantly help traveling on freeways. The model that analyzed was outfitted with Summum equipment system that adds the following to regular equipment: metallic paint, automatic transmission, electric shifting seats, kid security back door locks, Volvo Guard Security alarm, children raised rear chair, Driver Alert System, Collision Warning with Braking system Support , RTI, progressive power guiding, Premium Sound System Audio CD player + 6 CD, PCC keyless drive, Wireless bluetooth, car parking sensors at front and Back, entrance cup cases, ventilated leather on the seats. With this a back car parking camera is actually inlayed as well as i-pod/USB interface.