There are plenty of reasons why you should make time for hobbies. It is not just a waste of time, energy or money than what other people may think. With so many things going on in your life and the pressure of work and society, you may start thinking it is not practical at all to start a hobby. But the same reason that is keeping you away from getting into one is the same reason why you should definitely get involved in a hobby. Here are the reasons why you need a hobby. Hobbies can relieve and refresh you. In a world where everything revolves around material things, the pressure is on to work like there is no tomorrow. Such can take a toll not only on your physical health but your spiritual well being as well. A lot of people are career oriented and you may be one yourself, and there is nothing wrong with focusing on your job. After all, it is your way of earning money. You also need money in order to provide for your basic material needs. However, when you become so focused with work that you tend to forget other aspects of your life and yourself especially, that is when things start to go wrong. Some people may think that the only way to survive in this world is to earn money. But you have to think about this: even the wealthiest people are not happy with material things alone. We all need an outlet wherein we can become ourselves, without any pressure. When you do something for the sake of nothing and no one else but yourself, you can find meaning in your life again. When you enjoy, you become happier, livelier and more content with your life. Hobbies can help revive not only your physical energy but your emotional and spiritual vigor too. And that will reflect in all aspects of your life including your personal, social and career life. While you can relax by sleeping or doing nothing, a diversion has a different relaxing effect. Though sleep can relax your tired muscles, it is no solution for a tired spirit. That is the big difference between the two. A hobby is indeed a great way to spend and dedicate time for your enjoyment. But if you are thinking that a hobby is all about quietness then you are wrong. As a matter of fact, hobbies can also be helpful to your social skills. Introverted individuals specifically look for diversions that can help them meet new people who have the same interest. In this way, hobbies can even help expand your network and that can become an advantage to your career. You may have your own reason for pursuing a hobby but these are just a few why you need to have a diversion. When you pick an activity or a craft, do not think of anything or anyone else. Keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself. So choose hobbies that can truly help get you more energized.