A notary public is an official person authorized that has the capability of acting as a secure, fair witness for the signing of important documents like Affidavit and Statutory Declaration, General Power of Attorney. A notary public is able to give words and may have other official capacities depending on the jurisdiction. Most notary publics carry a nominal fee for their services. A Notary Public in Brampton dispenses their official duties by marking documents with their signs and a distinctive embossed stamp or inked seal. A notary that has been witnessed by a notary public has been notarized. History of Notary Public The notary is generally as old as the civil law, which has its sources in the courts of Rome. Ancient Roman legal system became more arranged, the law courts became more and more rely on the use of scribes for keeping the government records. These scribes created a system of legal, called notary. In time, a legal scribe earned the name notaries. The name has been stayed down through the ages. During the Middle Ages, the use of the notary public was often taken by the ministry, who was charged with writing private and public transactions, as well as drawing up official documents. Role of Notary Public in Brampton A notary public has been authorized by a specific organization, usually, a state government, to serve the services of a notary. These duties are usually defined as the witnessing of documents and the power of oaths. Some states also allow notary publics to verify copies of approved documents Two of the most basic documents that a notary public will witness are for the sale or transfer of real property and the giving of power of attorney. A few more examples of the documents that a Notary Public in Brampton can officially witness include the following: 1. Acknowledgments 2. Affidavits 3. Jurat 4. Oaths 5. Formal protests Some states give the notary public significantly more duties. For example: A notary public in Louisiana can perform most of the services that a lawyer can provide the privilege of representing a different person before a court. Some states demand the notary public maintain a report of official acts. Although holding a record of certain acts done is not mandated by all states, various licensed notary standards recommend that all notaries keep records of their actions. 1 – Sidebar: Legal Language Have you wondered why legal documents are about as clear as mud? The wording of the legal documents has to abide by certain customs and restrictions in order to have any binding effect in a court of law. This wording is called an acceptable language. 2 – Sidebar: Documents and Definitions Know your jurat from your acknowledgment? Here are the meanings of some of the common documents handled by a notary public. A – Acknowledgment: A legal declaration of an act. B – Affidavit: A sworn statement of fact C – Jurat: A part of an affidavit containing the oath or affirmation. Benefits of Notary Public in Brampton The benefits of using a Notary Public in Brampton are simple. By certifying the authenticity of the signing parties, the notary provides an economical way for corporations and people to enter into contracts and conduct business with a fair assurance that the notarized documents will be recognized in court. Using a Notary Public in Brampton is a means to protect against cheating, as the notary is responsible for claiming the witness (signature) of a legal document to verify that person’s personal identity. Although this is not the final proof of identity, it provides reasonable evidence of identity so that normal business can be conducted. A notary also acts as an impartial third party for parties entering into a legal create agreement. ID for Notary Public in Brampton Acceptable primary Photo Identification 1. Canadian or U.S. driver’s license 2. Passport 3. British Columbia Photo Identification Card 4. Canadian Citizen Identification 5. Canada identity card 6. Permanent Residency card Acceptable secondary identification 1. Canadian Forces identification 2. Police identification 3. Foreign Affairs Canada or consular identification 4. Credit Card (only if the applicant’s name is on the card) 5. Picture Government Employee ID card 6. Firearms Acquisition Certificate 7. Social Insurance Card 8. BC Care Card 9. Native Status Card 10. Parole Certificate ID 11. Correctional Service Conditional Release Card Complete the notary’s certificate or form The appropriate notarial certificate or short form needs to be attached to the document. Besides the signer’s information, the notarial agent will also need to include details on the date and location of the notarial act, and a signature that matches their commission. So the best way to go for your Public Notary by Choosing the Best Law Firm in Brampton. They will guide in the best possible way in Brampton.

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