If someone hasn’t been able to move forward in at least one area of their life, they could believe that it is due to what is going on “out there”. What is taking place in the external world is then going to be the reason why their life is the way that it is.


This can be backed up by the fact that they may have been doing all the “right” things. In other words, they won’t have been sitting around waiting for their life will change; they will have been taking action.

A Natural Outcome

As a result of what they have been doing, for however long they have been doing it, it is to be expected that they would believe that they have very little, if any, control over what is taking place. Quite simply, they will have done just about everything that they can do to move forward.

They may have also spoken to their friends and family about what is going on, with these people validating their point of view. Thanks to the feedback that they have received from others, then, there will be no reason for them to consider that there could be something that they are missing.

A Heavy Weight

By seeing themselves as powerless to change this area of their life, it could end up having a negative impact on just about every other area of their life. It can be as though there is a dark cloud that follows them wherever they go, which will prevent them from being able to bask in the glowing sun that is also out.

Still, they could do their best to not get too caught up in what is going on and to keep their head held high. There could be moments where they are able to step back from how they view this area of their life and to wonder if there is something that they are not aware of.

A Strange Scenario

Now, if one is someone who has “high self-esteem” and believes that they deserve to do well in this area of their life, it is naturally going to be confusing. By being this way, they should be able to move forward.

After all, this is seen as a key part of what will allow someone to do well in life. If they have this part down and they are taking action, they shouldn’t be in the position that they are in.

Something isn’t Right

If they are being held back by what is going on externally, they will need to wait for the external world to change in order for their life to change. It will be as if they are very lucky and they will hope that their luck changes sooner rather than later.

This is going to be a very hopeless place to be in and one could feel down at times. Yet, although one could be this way, what if they do have control over what is going on and they are not powerless or unlucky?

Going Deeper

What one will need to reflect on is that they have both a conscious and an unconscious mind. So, if they are unable to experience something, it is likely to show that their unconscious mind is not on board with what they want.

Without this understanding, it will be natural for them to believe that what is going on “out there” is the issue. This part of them wants to hold them back and is trying to sabotage them, it is simply trying to keep them alive.

Two Views

Consciously, one can believe that if they were to move forward in one area of their life, it would allow them to grow and expand. Thus, to this part of them, having what they want will be something as something that is safe and purely positive.

Unconsciously, one can believe that if they were to move forward in this area of their life, it would cause them to be rejected and unloved. Therefore, to this part of them, having what they want will be seen as something that is unsafe and solely negative.

Back In Time

At this point, one could question why they would believe something like this at a deeper level. This could be seen as something that just doesn’t make any sense and this is likely to be due to the fact that they will be viewing what is going on through adult eyes.

For them to understand why their unconscious mind would be this way and for it to make sense to their conscious mind, it is likely to be essential for them to take a closer look at what took place during their younger years. For example, this may have been a stage of their life when they were not encouraged to express their true self, and, for them to receive attention, acceptance and approval, they had to please their caregivers.

The Foundations Were Laid

This stage of their life would have caused them to create an inner model of what they needed to do to survive. It wouldn’t have mattered that this meant neglecting themselves as their survival was more important than expressing themselves.

The years would then have passed and one’s conscious mind would have forgotten all about what took place very early on. Even so, this inner model will continue to define what they do and don’t allow themselves to experience.


Ultimately, one will need to connect to their second mind and to question the beliefs and the associations that were formed very early on. Once this part of them is on board with their conscious mind, their life should gradually change.

If one can relate to this and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.