Islam is a perfect religion in the world. Many of the peoples are joint to it. It is practiced by the peoples of every religion. Islam is a religion of peace and merrymaking. It has his own system which is perfect than that of the world. It makes a balancing in the society. Allah has sometimes given the example of Islam as a building which is standing on the five pillars. There are the five pillars of Islam or you can say this there are 5 obligations in Islam which are for everyone which make a balance in between the people the 5 pillars of Islam are as follow, Five Pillars of Islam: Basic believes Namaz Roza Zakat Hajj Basic believes It is an obligation to have beliefs of the basic of Islam without which our Iman is incomplete to have firm belief in them is the most important than all as Allah says in Quran, “True believer is the one who has the firm believe in ones of Allah, in angels, in books revealed by him, in the Prophets, in the Day of Judgment.” To believe in this means to have a believe that Allah is the only creator of the universe, he had made the angels which are performing their duties respectively assigned by Allah Almighty, to believe in the books revealed by him, to believe that the prophet has sent down for the guidance of mankind, and to believe that everyone has to return to Allah one day and give the accounts of their life spent on earth. Namaz Namaz is the way to communicate with Allah Almighty. And gets his blessing and favor it is obligated to every Muslim who is more than 12 years and neglecting it is indeed a great sin. Muslims want to offer the prayer in the land of Makkah and Madinah through Ramzan Date 2018 UK. As Allah says in Quran, “Remember Allah so that we may remember you” If we will remember Allah by offering Namaz and then we will also have his favor at the time of need. It is a duty of Muslim to offer Namaz 5 times a day. Indeed, it has many benefits and great importance. Roza Roza is spiritual prayer. Roza states when a Muslim is forbidden to eat, drink, hurt others, and form the committing sins from Namaz of Fajr to the Namaz of Maghrib. We can do fasting any time in a year but in the month of Ramadan it is obligated to every Muslim as Allah says in Quran, “Roza is for me and I will give his reward.” Zakat Zakat is to Allah prayer from wealth. When a person shares his wealth with the creation of Allah who needs it. Allah gets happy with such type of prayer and showers us his blessing. It is an obligation on the people who have a mount above than 7.5 tola gold, they give have to pay 2.5 percent of their wealth in the name of Allah to the peoples who need it. It has the great importance as Allah says in Quran as follow, “Zakat is the most beautiful loan to Allah and he will pay it you back to you making it double.” Hajj Hajj is the all in one prayer of Allah. It is a prayer where peoples from the different places of the world pilgrimage to Makkah. They do sacrifices there, offer Namaz and do fasting. It is not an obligation for the Muslims but it is obligatory for those who can afford it as Allah says in Quran, “The Hajj Is a duty that mankind owes to lord denying which is equal to desecration.” As Hajj is very expensive so those who can’t afford it perform Umrah which is also known as mini hajj. Umrah is less expansive then hajj and we can do Umrah throughout the year.