Muslims are lived in every corner of the world and they come to Makkah from the thousand miles away. But, they don’t get tired because they know that it’s the holiest obligations and mandatory to perform to get the countless blessings from the Allah. Its everyone wishes to visit the Makkah and Madinah, but due to extra expensiveness, it is not easy to perform religious worships. Nowadays, only those people can perform Umrah and Hajj who are financially strong and bear the expenditures of holy journeys. Therefore, these types of people prefer travel agents that offer the different packages such as Islamic Travel Provides Inexpensive Three Star 2019 December Umrah Package with Group from London. These packages are desgined according to your requirement to perform Umrah with your ease. What is Istilam? The word Istilam is an Arabic word and the most preferred performance of kissing Hajar E Aswad or gesticulating towards it at the commencement and at the end of each round of the Holy Kaaba during the ritual of Tawaf. How to do Istilam during Hajj and Umrah During the time of Hajj and Umrah, every pilgrim wants to perform Istilam and the process of performing Istilam is given below, On Hajar E Aswad place your palms and between your two hands put your face Recite: Bismillahi Wallahu Akbar Three times Kiss Hajar E Aswad without making a kissing noise Important Notes Avoid touching your head on Hajar E Aswad as it was not a Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) Avoid touching the silver nearby Hajar E Aswad if possible Perform Istilam from a Distance If Hajar E Aswad is out-of-the-way, which is possible to be the case, Istilam can be completed from far away over the subsequent process: Face towards Black Stone, Hajar e Aswad and raise your hands up to your earlobes (when starting Salah as you would do) Confirm that your palms are also facing it, however, your face and hands, both are on Black Stone, Hajar e Aswad Recite: Bismillahi Wallahu Akbar Without making kissing noises just kiss your palms I hope, all misunderstandings are cleared now about Istilam and how to perform it. Follow the method of Prophet (PBUH) to get a countless reward.