It is Question common to the people around the world that! Why Allah Send down the Prophet? What is the purpose of sending down the prophet? Here is the ANSWER! When the people start disobeying Allah and sins becomes common in the Society when there is no one to take the name of Allah and people start disgracing him Then Allah Almighty sent down the prophet among them. There are some duties which prophets have to perform they are enlisted below, Act as A Role Model The prophet act as a role model or as an example for the other people so that they may follow him and do what he says and practice his ways the nation which sank in the evil and sins when holding the rope of Allah start getting better As Allah says in Quran, “We have not sent down an angel as a prophet among you but we chose the prophet among you men, so that you may learn from that” As in the above verse, we can see that the Prophet is raised among the men of the same nation and same era so that he may become the role model for all and by seeing him practicing the teaching of Allah other may get motivate and start doing it. Guide People to Serve One God All the prophet came to the world gave only one message worship no god other than the Allah As Allah says in Quran, “I have not created jinn and humanity except to worship me.” We are not only born to eat, drink or reproduce; these all are the basic facts of life but the main purpose of us is to serve Allah and worship him and not any god except him indeed it is a great sin. To see the Holy Places where they prophets sent down through Full Ramadan Package 2018 UK. All the prophet gives us the message to serve Allah by prayer, money and by doing righteous to the needy. To Teach People the Law of Allah: All the prophet was sent down to earth to make them implement the law of Allah rather than their Laws which was selfish, and have no balance in the society whereas the prophet was sent down to the people to implement the law of Allah some of them are enlisted as follow; Fasting Paying zakat Pray Allah five times a day Help the poor by your wealth Decide the issues according to Teachings of Allah Say truth don’t lie Feed Needy And much more in these ways, a balance is established in the society which led to peace and merrymaking, Allah the prophet has the same message to the people but some got success and some not. But the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was completely successful in it. And make us what we are today so it is a great interest of the people to go to the places and where he spent his life and preach the mankind.