Muslims are present in almost every region of the world and practicing its teachings. Due to a survey, it has been noted that the Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. And due to another survey, it has been noted that nowadays the ratio of Muslims how to offer the Namaz over the Muslims who don’t offer the Namaz is very less. It has been noted that only a few of the Muslims offer the Namaz. So tell me to ask you a question why is that so? Why don’t Muslims offer the Namaz nowadays? Any answer! No! Let me tell you the reasons behind it. Some of the reasons are as follow, Busy Life: Nowadays Muslims around the World get busy in the world and forget the Hereafter. And it is the fact all of the Muslims nowadays forget the Islam and its teachings and running behind the worldly gains. Young Muslims are busy to get the good grades, the elders are busy in making up money and enjoy the luxury life and improve the standard of life. Curtains on the Wisdom: When a bad time of a nation starts Allah first of all put on the curtains in their wisdom and if we will look around in your society we will feel that there is anger and hate for everyone and none of the Muslims pay heed to the hereafter and offering of Namaz. All run behind the success blindly but the real success in bowing down to Allah. Many of the people say we don’t have the time to offer the prayer or those ones the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said as follow, “Don’t think that you find no time to bow down to him due to busy life but he himself not felt you capable to stand in front of him.” As we all are away from Islam that why Allah is anger on us and that’s why all the peoples are struggling in their lives and are restless. So we must pay heed to it and must offer the Namaz and get a peace and Success in both the world. To establish a regular prayer and get more close to Allah and his prophet and to get the success in both the world we must go for Hajj and Umrah. Now going to Hajj and Umrah is much easier because Umrah visa online without package makes it cheaper and easy to get.