There are certain laboratory supplies which may not have received a great attention but these supplies play a very role when it comes to keep the laboratory processes accurate and safe. One such supply is the crucible. The selection of such laboratory supply is very important. When you have the right type of crucible, these processes can remain perfect and enhanced. And when you doesn’t have access for the right crucible, things may not remain that accurate while working at the laboratory and taking readings for different processes. For example, when you want to determine the ash content (which is also called as the ashing process), you always need the quartz crucibles that are transparent. There are some major benefits of using the ultraviolet quartz cells and crucibles at the laboratory. These quartz crucibles use to have a very low expansion rate They hold excellent dimensional-stability They are equipped with amazing thermal-shock resistance like property As far as the quartz crucibles are concerned, they also have a great resistance against high temperature They can be used to contain chemicals at such high temperature For the chemical applications and ashing like processes at the laboratory, crucibles are used. And now the demand for crucibles that comes with the ultraviolet quartz cells is high. Quartz as a material is not going to absorb the light. Due to this reason, the quartz crucibles are used where the incident light’s wavelength remains in the UV range. As these laboratory supplies are used for the ashing like processes, the residue can get deposited at the bottom of the crucible. So, it’s always important to keep the crucible clean as well as contamination free. There are different materials needed for the different levels of applications. But when the quartz crucibles are used for the applications like pharmaceutical and biochemical applications, they can benefit a lot from the sulfuric nitrate like cleaning solutions. Well, the selection of the crucibles also depend a lot of the kind of spectrophotometery process that you want to follow. Not always quartz crucibles or the ultraviolet quartz cells are taken as the first choice due to this reason. However, quartz crucible is mostly used as it cannot absorb the light. When you use the plastic crucible, it can absorb some amount of light and this may not help you much while trying to get the accurate reading. These supplies are also used when there is a solvent that have a greater chance to react with the plastic like material and this might change the overall optical properties of the plastic. There are some solvents which can really attack the material like plastic and can make the whole thing look cloudy. Fusion of the sample is the process that is conducted on a daily basis at the analytical facilities. These are the venues, where the quartz crucibles are used as the best alternative to the ones that are made from platinum. When it comes to the automatic fusion, these quartz crucibles are often considered as the first choice.