When you write a book or an article, people tend to begin seeing you as an expert in that particular field, as one who knows the subject being written about. For this reason, it is important for you to write based upon your passion so that their opinion of you is proven true in time!

What motivates and moves you? What are you strongly passionate about? What gives you goosebumps and a thrill when you think about it? Ponder carefully what brings a delight to your heart and make note of it. Your passion or your strong desire may prove to be a great help when writing. I write books and articles because I love doing so. I enjoy being able to contribute to humanity from things I have learnt or experienced. I count it an honor to know that something I write helps another. This thrills me!

For example, my passion is to help others know God and enjoy the wonders of walking with Him. My strong desire is that many may come to see that it is wonderful, delightful, fulfilling and satisfying to serve Christ and to walk in their true purpose for being. For this reason, I wrote books like, “How to Pray & Get Results,” or How to Meditate In God’s Word & Why.” I also have a passion for seeing people succeed in life. I just love people excelling in the game of life. So, I wrote books like, “Diligence, the Master Key to Achieving Your Dreams.” Hence, I write Christian living books and books that teach success principles for effective living. Even my novels highlight these themes. Because I write based upon my passion, writing to me seems easy and I get a joy and satisfaction from it that is truly edifying. I love what I do.

Ensure that you are writing based upon what interests and thrills you, or based upon things which deeply concern you. Aim to write because it is your intent to help others or to inspire others to be better, live better and do better. Even if you write novels, ensure that each one has some sort of positive message, something that the reader can take and use in some measure to improve himself/herself. Let your writing matter, let it count!

When you write according to your passion, you will discover that your heart will be in your words, and people will feel them.

If I can give you a word of advice along this line, I would encourage you to make sure that at the end of the day – regardless of what you write, whether you write articles, magazine columns, or non-fiction or fiction books – you are writing to make a difference. This is the kind of writing that matters most of all!