When it comes to earning money from writing, it’s easy to look around and see that some writers earn a high income all the time while others struggle to earn enough to pay their bills – or earn anything at all.

So what’s the difference between a highly-paid writer and one who is broke?

At first, it can seem as though there’s a ‘secret’ that some of them know and that if you only knew what it was, then you could earn a lot of money from your writing too.

But it’s not hard to know what it is because it’s been right there the whole time.

It’s always been right in front of you but you just couldn’t see it.

I could tell you what it is but it’s better if you can see it for yourself. That way you’ll understand and have an “Aha!” moment.

If you want to know what the elusive ‘secret’ is of successful writers, all you have to do is look at what they are all doing, and look at how you aren’t doing it too.

Look at it this way, what do Stephen King and J K Rowling have in common with a millionaire blogger?

Do you know what it is?

It’s easy to see.

They write – a lot.

It really is that simple.

They take their writing seriously and are prolific writers, meaning they write and write and write. They don’t even need the money, but they keep on writing anyway.

And that’s all it is.

You see, you don’t have to be better than all the other writers. You just have to out-work them.

While they’re off doing other things and complaining about not being able to make any money from their writing, you’re writing.

You just have to write more than they do.

This is why the blogger who sits and writes and then hits ‘publish’ every day will make more income than the blogger who doesn’t.

Successful writers are professional and take their writing seriously. This is what makes them prolific at what they do.

They don’t waste their time on unimportant things because they have no time to waste because they always could be using that time to write. And they don’t leave their writing till last, as something they do in their spare time. Instead, it’s something that is at the top of their daily to-do list and they make sure they do it.

The dictionary definition of prolific is “(of an artist, author, or composer) producing many works.

How many works do you produce on a daily basis?

And if not many, why not?