Speaking and writing are activities completely different. Writing is a process. Each writing process contains these thinking strategies or steps: generating ideas, setting goals, organizing, writing, revising and editing. Each phase requires critical thinking or problem solving. Writing does not take shape all at once, rarely it develops in a linear fashion. In other words, it requires a sustained effort. When writing, we compose and develop ideas. Writing is a way to transmit ideas, thoughts, and emotions. We must deal with thinking, emotion, and imagination.

To express ourselves in writing we have four modes of discourse, to know: exposition (to explain), narration (to tell), description (to evoke) and argument/persuasion (to persuade).

To write a short article or essay we need to use the toolkit: grammar, vocabulary and argumentation. Frame the essay using the three-step process. It offers an organization that is simple and flexible.

Step One: Write a thesis statement. If you have a thesis sentence about your topic, everything will be easy. The thesis is a position statement. The thesis is the central or controlling idea, which holds the essay together. The thesis will help you to introduce your subject.

Step Two: Expand the thesis statement. You should expand the thesis with some supporting reasons (I recommend using at least three). Now write a clear argumentation that introduces the message you want to send to the reader.

Step Three: Write and revise the essay. Your goal is to write the five paragraph essay:

  • 1st paragraph – Introduction (with the thesis)
  • 2nd paragraph – Body-Topic – supporting point 1
  • 3rd paragraph – Body-Topic – supporting point 2
  • 4th paragraph – Body-Topic – supporting point 3
  • 5th paragraph – Conclusion

Each of the three points should specify the thesis and provide clear ideas and examples you developed during step two. This strategy will enable to write an informative essay that you can use in many business and school needs. The optimal length for many internet articles is 450 words and this structure should help you to achieve that. Note that the most important part of creating your own individual process is to let it evolve as your skill grows.

The template above is valuable as it is step-outline. It is ready-made analysis of essay structure. Simply being prolific improves performance and quality. Originality emerges from structure. Structure is beneficial to creative output in a number of ways. Frameworks reduce complex problems into their component intellectual parts. Surely the simple template above will help you to generate ideas and develop your own creative process.