Modern homes are the place where families gather to talk, play, relax and socialize. Because of all the talking, relaxing, and playing, the importance of carpet selection is greater than you might realize.

It is difficult for most people to make the right choice about what carpet to purchase. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing carpet for your home.

5 Factors to Take into Account When Choosing Carpet for Your Modern Home


Due to the high foot traffic floors, stairs, hallways get, durability is a key factor.

You can be sure that your carpet will last through everyday life and daily wear and tear by choosing a carpet of high quality that comes with an extensive warranty.

Fiber options

Carpet fibers affect both durability and appearance.

Nylon – Nylon can be durable, waterproof, and extremely easy to clean. Nylon is also resistant to permanent staining. The man-made material is soft but doesn’t provide the luxury of a wool carpet. The nylon-based short-pile carpet is suitable for contemporary spaces that have a minimalist aesthetic. Mats or Rugs made from this fiber could work well as custom rugs with logo to represent a business.

Polyester – This fabric is soft and comfortable under the feet, and it has stain-resistant properties. It can be difficult to clean and maintain. It might be shed while vacuuming and cleaning. Therefore, it doesn’t last as long as other materials. It is soft and comfortable on the feet but not ideal for high-traffic areas.

Wool – Wool is a luxurious material that is both durable as well as beautiful. It does not absorb water quickly and is very resistant to staining. The best thing about wool carpets is the way they feel on your skin. But wool has a distinctive aesthetic which may not be the best choice for modern spaces. To achieve the perfect look, you might consider a blended carpet.

Triextra – A kind of new carpet fiber that is partially derived from renewable corn syrup. Triextra is the best carpet fiber for stain resistance. Triextra is not only stain-resistant but also extremely resilient.

Olefin is a stain-resistant, cheap, mildew- and fade-resistant product. While it’s not as durable or long-lasting as others, it’s a great option in high foot traffic areas.


You can get an idea of the cost by comparing the prices of different carpets before you shop around. Also, take measurements of the area you are going to carpets Colchester shop.


If you aren’t very into cleaning, this is probably the most important aspect. If spills happen frequently, having a carpet you can easily clean will make your life much easier.

Color selection

It is subjective to choose a color, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Because dirt and dust can’t be easily seen, darker colors are better for areas that see high traffic. In dark colors, spills and stains will not be obvious as they are more subtle than in lighter colors.

To test the effects of light on color, you can make color samples.


It is essential to shop smart. To ensure that you get the best deal, you need at least two estimates. You should also check the quality of the installation. Poor seaming and stretching can ruin a carpet’s appearance.