You’ve made the decision, and acted upon it! It was a nerve – wracking period of time, but now it’s over! Congratulations: you’re a homeowner! Now that you own a home of your own, you probably realize it is one of, if not, the largest asset you own. Doesn’t it make sense to everything you can possibly do, to protect your investment, while, simultaneously, enhancing your enjoyment, etc? In order to do so, it will require a certain amount of commitment on your part, but since you’ve just bought a house, you now know quite about committing to something, if it is important to you! The wise homeowner will explore the possibilities, get to know his area, neighborhood, etc, and then, make the decision to become involved in your COMMUNITY.

1. Choices; cooperate; create: There are numerous options, regarding getting involved, and you should choose one which has the most meaning to you. It may be something artistic, or cultural; perhaps something environmental; something regarding the schools; or some other civic area. Maybe you’ll want to get involved in your local government, or some religious institution. Choose the best one for you, and begin cooperating with others, to make your community, just a little bit better! You’s be amazed what a little time and effort, on your part, may eventually help to create!

2. Options; opportunities; opinions: Be involved, so that you have more control over decisions, and which options, your community leaders, decide upon! Seek the best opportunities. Express your opinions, so you don’t become one of those people, who merely blame and complain!

3. Mend; make: Seek to mend fences, and bring people together, for the common good. Make a real contribution to your neighborhood, and all will benefit!

4. Meaningful: Don’t become one of those folks who simply finds faults in what others do, or what is, but make a meaningful contribution, towards the improvement of areas of weakness, etc.

5. Unique; usual/ unusual; usable; unite: Each of us is unique in some ways, and use yours, to either help in the usual, or unusual ways! Formulate your ideas and thoughts, and focus on how they might become usable and helpful! The goal of getting involved is to help unite your neighbors, and make a difference for the better, hopefully, in a relevant, sustainable manner.

6. Needs: Take a look and consider what the area needs, and how you might best help getting there!

7. Identity; image: What is, and what do you believe, should be, the identity of the area? How can you enhance the image, and help yourself, while helping others?

8. Timetable: If you see something that you believe needs changing, tweaking, or addressing, begin immediately to look at your options and alternatives. Remember than making a quality change takes time, and once you get started, you can create a relevant timetable!

9. You; yes; yesterday: Do you live in an area, where there is something historic, memorable or meaningful, which might need protecting, sprucing up, or rallying support behind? Respect the traditions and beauty from yesterday, understand the present, and look to the future! You have the choice of saying either yes, or no, to how much you will become involved, but remember, if you opt, like most do, to remain on the sidelines, don’t complain later! It’s up to you!

It’s your choice: to get involved or remain isolated in your comfort zone? Will you opt to become more involved in helping your COMMUNITY?