Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much of our life is actually consumed by making a living. If you work a mere 40 hours per week-in reality it’s probably a lot more-and add additional 10 hours for commuting, plus other work-related activities, you spend about a third of your life working. But add to that another six hours a day for sleeping, and you spend over half of your life asleep or at work. (For the people who actually sleep at work the number is actually higher.)

With these numbers in front of us, it should become readily apparent that our quality of life is largely dependent on what we do for a living. If we enjoy our jobs and are professionally fulfilled by the work that we do, we probably also enjoy our lifestyle. When your career and professional aspirations are aligned, it is reasonable to assume that your quality of life is also acceptable.

But what about today, as a global recession threatens everybody’s life and lifestyle. One industry that has been particularly hard hit is real estate. People who have turned to real estate investments-houses, apartments, or even raw land-have seen what has for the longest time been a bulletproof investment strategy collapsed onto itself.

As with anybody worried about jobs and money, today’s real estate professional or real estate investor needs to rethink their wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies. This is not as difficult as it might initially sound. Anybody who understands real estate almost by definition understands marketing. Today online Internet marketing is a virtually recession proof business that more and more real estate and mortgage professionals are turning to for salvation.

Anyone who has witnessed the total collapse or deterioration of an investment portfolio, regardless of whether it included stocks or real estate, is under tremendous stress today trying to figure out what to do tomorrow. Beyond the hours spent working, this kind of negative pressure significantly detracts from the quality of life. Anyone in this situation needs to think about alternatives to move forward and get ahead.

Unless you are independently wealthy, it is almost impossible to separate your job from your life. For that reason, everyone should consider work from home opportunities that allow them to earn an extraordinary income, working the hours that they choose, from wherever they may be. Life is too short to spend half of it asleep and working at something you dislike. If you are in this situation, take the necessary steps today to change it.