‘Write as you would like to be written to.’

‘Sell as you would like to be sold to.’

‘Teach as you would like to be taught.’

‘Treat others as you would be treated.’

Profound wisdom from one man to another, both strangers who happened to be brought together during a time warp, at a bus-stop, on a freezing winter night in Birmingham. Well, it happened to be the changing point of two buses headed in opposite directions.

Like Jim Rohn says, ideas can change your life. The ideas can come from anywhere; simple ideas like a mother and child waiting for transportation, can spawn the birth of a mobile taxi company.

Tune into the grid for ideas; the writer’s block melts away; relax and just be. When you feel like writing, write, when you don’t, scribble and doodle; look at what you have written, later. Who knows? You may have written a masterpiece.

Now coming back to the part, where people would want what you want, the way you would want it for yourself. Read that again, please.

Tongue-twisting, difficult to read, and mind-boggling isn’t it? But the ultimate truth to success at anything is simply the above.

If you were to start a cafeteria, you wouldn’t sell to customers what you wouldn’t want to eat, would you?, and expect it to become a roaring success?

You wouldn’t make bangles for others, you wouldn’t want to wear?

You wouldn’t like to write a book, you wouldn’t want to read to yourself?

You wouldn’t like to go through an article, blog post, or any material you wouldn’t want to read to yourself?

Throw enthusiasm into your project, and watch it sparkle.

Enthusiasm equals the power of God/Divine Power/Force within.

You wouldn’t stitch clothes, and sell without that ‘wow factor’, what you wouldn’t wear would you?

The glass had broken, the wisdom etched deep within the young man’s mind. With a deep sense of gratitude, he thanked the elderly gentleman with wizened hair, who had added the maturity of the profound wisdom, in the young man’s life. The young man would go on to be the best he could be, producing the best products for his customers, having the satisfaction of work, well done.

The words would reverberate forever in his memory… ‘sell as you would like to be sold to’… ‘write as you would like to be written to.’ The buses went away in opposite directions, however the ideas travelled together in a single straight line, shaping futures along the way.